The issues in this play, and the language used, means that this play is not suitable for anyone under the age of 16.

performance written by Stephen Wildblood

Who Cares

Angie’s previous child, Kayden, was taken into care and placed for adoption. Now she is pregnant again. When the child, Kye, is born, should she be able to keep him? Should Angie’s adoptive parents, Paul and Liz, be able to look after Kye, if Angie can’t? How did Phil, Kye’s father, suffer frontal lobe brain damage and what chances has he got in life? This play follows this family as it goes through care proceedings and shows what happens to them afterwards. It also shows the strain on the social worker as she tries to encourage Angie to get help and avoid a further pregnancy.


And for the audience?


The title to the play asks them a question – who cares?


Liz Chapman (Grandmother) - Jenny Ball

Paul Chapman (Grandfather) - David Alexander

Ella (adopted daughter) - Aneira Evans

Annette Jones (child's Social worker) - Sarah Duffy

Angie (Mother) - Lily Maryon

Phil (Father) - Jacob Woods

Karen Timms (Social worker) - Kate Austin-Morgan

Judge - Emily Bradbury


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